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Hello, this is just a shoutout to anyone who cares. I downloaded the IE7 Beta today, and it works like a charm! I now have CSS support and tabbed browsing! However, if you’re an avid Blogger user, don’t get the beta. It doesn’t work well with Blogger…

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, ignore this post. You’ll understand in a few months. :)

Howdy everyone! Apart from work, school, work, and school, I’ve turned a friend of mine into a blogger. His screenname is Miles (it could be his real name too, but then that would ruin his identity), and his blog is Inside A Box One Day… . Happy reading!

Recently, I stumbled quite unexpectedly across a product called X-10. It’s a technology that lets your computer run your house electronics. They have a product for everything… lights, cameras, action, speakers.

Some day, if on the odd chance I become so incredibly rich that I couldn’t possibly do anything with my money, I plan to build a house that turns on my lights for me, opens my doors, tells me the time, warns of intruders, and wakes me up every morning at a good time (seriously, there’s a guy who’s done this. looky here.)

Until then, sigh. Flip switch, see light, clap hands, sigh again.

My sister and I watched another movie last night. It was called “The Capture of Grizzly Adams”.

If anyone has seen it, please know that I give it five stars out of five.

The movie was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Every cliche I could think of was in there, as well as all the bad acting, impossible events, and all that ballyhoo. It wasn’t mean to be a comedy, but the movie was hilarious!

I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying it, as if you could do that anyway. It’s a 1985 film. However, if you want to see a typical western, with Mean-Ole-Mr.-Grumpy bad guys, Goody-Goody good guys, wishy-washy townsmen, and a fake tornado, rent the movie right away.

A few days back, a friend of mine at work advised me to do something, which I did (he’s higher than me on the totem-pole, so not following his ‘advice’ would likely get me in trouble.)
So, we come to the next day; my boss approaches and wants to know why I did what I did. So, do I do the ‘right thing’ and get my friend in trouble, or do I do the ‘white-knight’ thing and get myself in trouble?

I did the paladin, white-knight option. Net result: I get to go into work on my off-day to fix my ‘problem’.

So my first question: Is it ever right to not tell the entire story (not lie, but not put the blame on someone else if it can go on you) to get someone else out of trouble?

The prologue ends quite nicely, though. There was some paperwork I needed to get from my boss, and I wouldn’t be able to get it until I came in to work again. So, when I fixed the problem (a very easy fix), I got the paperwork (a result of much prayer and intervention by God).

Second question: Has anyone seen my pet spider? He’s missing…

Well, the big day has come and gone. Ike got married yesterday… I always knew it would happen to him first, but still, I’m a little jealous.

For those of you who don’t know him, Ike is my desktop microphone. He married my other, monitor-mounted mic. She didn’t want me to tell her name on the internet.

A professional photographer wouldn’t let me take any flash photography, but I did manage to sneak a few pictures:

Ike in the sanctuary

Ike with an old relative

Congrats, Ike!

Today is Friday the 13th. The first Friday the 13th, that is.

A second one will occur in October, on which the popular A Series of Unfortunate Events will end. To what extent that will be carried out, I’ve no idea.

Today, after three years of labour, my dad and I finished our trebuchet. It’s sort of like a catapult, only much more powerful and configurable. Currently, it stands around four feet high, and it throws almost seventeen feet with only about six pounds counterweight. Considering the counterweight can weigh up to forty pounds, we’re expecting a much larger throwing-rate.

Pictures possibly soon (if (when!) I get a camera).

I got my college acceptance letter a few days ago. Now begins the fun work of spending all that cash that’s been saved over the past years of my life. First off, I think I shall buy a pack of Skittles.

For the entire length of my growing-up years, I had planned on becoming a computer programmer. All of my efforts and everything I did pretty much was tailored for that sort of profession. This year, though, I think I’m being called into the ministry; if that’s where God wants me, I’m there. It’s sort of tough, though, being in the bookstore in the computer section and seeing how much I don’t have to learn… kind of like having a book of dreams that catches on fire. In a thousand years, however, which will be more important: Daquell, the computer programmer, or Daquell, the servant of God?

Especially with the launch of NITEGames. Yup, the Daquell household is heading up the first national flashlight tag consortium. You can visit our website at Please pardon any downtimes or weirdnesses, though… the server’s on my computer, which doesn’t run after twelve at night or before eight in the morning.