Lots of Christmas Cheer

Friday, December 23, 2005

Too many ideas have crossed my brain this Christmas season. Or maybe, I’ve just been thinking too much.

Anyway, whatever the cause, I have erected a few more sites.

  • The biggest contribution to the online world is the semi-completion of NITEGames, the National Ideal Tag Emphasis Gaming Standards. The site, when done, will also have a roster and stats from previous games. Now, though, it consists of an event calendar, an unused blog, and a start page.
  • Next, and perhaps more interesting, is my online radio station. It will play from 7-8 AM every weekday, and sporadically throughout the day on Saturdays. On Sundays, it will rarely be up (maintenance and rest will be done then). To listen in, you must have Windows Media Player 7 or higher. Open the player, select the File menu and then select Open URL. (File->Open URL). Then, copy and paste into the textbox and press OK. Happy listening!
  • Finally, I acquired a TeamSpeak server. TeamSpeak is a wonderful program like a free internet telephone. Instructions for joining my server are at http://vladinscode.daquell.com/MBTSLive.html . Initially, I was going to do the radio over TS, and I may revert to that if it proves convenient.

If and when those are up, feel free to join me at any time. Hope you’re having a great Christmas Season!

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