I’m IT

Friday, December 23, 2005

Apparently, Tibber_de_Gniw has tagged me. The rules state that I must say who tagged me (already done), state who Santa Claus is going to be (someone who gives me my gift this year), and then tag a few people. I only know one other person who would be willing (read, who wouldn’t slaughter me) for tagging them, so I choose… BlondWarrior&McCracken!! You are now tagged! Mwa ha ha, power.

My Santa Claus is my employer, the wonderful and illustrious Margo! She let me off work the day after Christmas! Three cheers, roll out the tapis rouge, and huzzah to The UPS Store!

This business of ‘tagging’ reminds me of a few years back, when the people in our neighbourhood were trying out something they called ‘jingling’. To ‘jingle’ someone, you got a bag of candy and a note reading “You’ve been jingled!”, and left them by someone’s door. Then, like children used to do, you’d ring the bell and run off feeling sly.

Needless to say, we were jingled three or four times. There seemed to be a lack of planning on our neighbours’ part. The candy was good, though.

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