Destructive Hugo

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Our rabbit, Hugo, is a tornado all to herself. We got her a few months ago, and in these past three or four months she’s taught us all one thing: the cute bunny is only a guise.

When let out of her cage, the first crime Hugo commits is knocking down most of my sisters’ horse menageries. After pulling all the riders off of their steeds with her teeth, she tips the horses, scatters the hay, ravages the fences, and speeds off.

Next stop is the beds. Our rabbit has an inane knack for finding the perfect hide-away, just out of reach. Here, she tends to nibble on things she shouldn’t, such as electric lines running under the bed. We’re trying to find a way to keep her from frying herself off of these, with little success.

Rounding up her average ten-minute romp, she’ll let us chase her around for an annoying while before jumping back into the cage with a look of complete innocence. She’s got my parents completely fooled, but I know what she is really like.

Soon, I expect to find plans for world conquest or something under her shavings…

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