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For those of you who have met me, you probably know by now that our house is basically a zoo with five kids and two adults running it. Today, we extended our grand menagerie of the animal kingdom: my youngest sister got a hamster. Freddy, the golden hamster, aka Freddy the noisy little guy who squeaks his wheel all night. He’s rather adorable, though, so we let him live.

This brings the entire animal count (both past and present) to 43:

  • 5 hamsters
  • 12 crayfish
  • 3 beta fish
  • 17 hermit crabs
  • 2 turtles
  • 2 rabbits
  • 1 dog
  • Dicky, the bug mentioned in my first post

I believe about 5 of the above-mentioned critters are still with us.

Everyone repeat after me:

I promise indulgence in observance of the rule of the turkey, that I will eat all the Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Stuffing, Cake, Cookies, Fudge, Brownies, Cobbler, Cheese, Corn, Peas, and pumpkin Log that I want.*

Yup, it’s Thanksgiving. This year has been wonderful and full of good things. However, we’re about to run out the door to visit our grandparents for a few days, so my list of things I’m thankful for will have to wait until Saturday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

* And I vow not to gain an ounce of weight.

Do you remember the Republican guy at our church who was running in a local election?


Needless to say, we’re very happy about it. He came rushing into Thursday-night service at the end, after the polls had closed. Our pastor asked about the elections, and almost before the poor fella could say he had won, the whole congregation started clapping up a storm.

All I can say is, RAH, RAH, SHISH-BOOM-BAH … gooooOOOO Tom Murry!!!

Apart from the business, busy-ness, and general weariness thereof at UPS during the holidays, there is a certain amount of amusement just from the neat things people bring in to ship. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve packed and/or shipped:

  • Boxes whose contents the shippers mysteriously will not reveal
  • Extremely fragile items that the shipper doesn’t think the extra dollar for bubble-wrap is necessary
  • Fresh donuts with included chemical samples
  • Letters suing UPS
  • Assorted pieces of mangled wood
  • Many, many renditions of Santa Clause

It’s those sort of things that keep the job fun. Those, and the free cheese and candy in the refridgerator in the back of the store.

Our rabbit, Hugo, is a tornado all to herself. We got her a few months ago, and in these past three or four months she’s taught us all one thing: the cute bunny is only a guise.

When let out of her cage, the first crime Hugo commits is knocking down most of my sisters’ horse menageries. After pulling all the riders off of their steeds with her teeth, she tips the horses, scatters the hay, ravages the fences, and speeds off.

Next stop is the beds. Our rabbit has an inane knack for finding the perfect hide-away, just out of reach. Here, she tends to nibble on things she shouldn’t, such as electric lines running under the bed. We’re trying to find a way to keep her from frying herself off of these, with little success.

Rounding up her average ten-minute romp, she’ll let us chase her around for an annoying while before jumping back into the cage with a look of complete innocence. She’s got my parents completely fooled, but I know what she is really like.

Soon, I expect to find plans for world conquest or something under her shavings…

Much to our chagrin, the family favorite Christmas tape, A Pan Pipes Christmas, was found missing. Now, I’m not too much into the whole traditions thing, but for every year since I can remember we’ve played that tape as the tumultuous mass of us children comes rushing down the stairs into the kitchen for breakfast.

I guess we will just have to settle for the Nutcracker. Or the Family Favourite Mountain Christmas Hits (which some of wish had disappeared instead of the Pan Pipes…)

So, any of you ever had a ruined Christmas tradition?