“I’m glad,” quoth the knight,

Friday, October 7, 2005

“Even when days are black,
To own only one sword
And a bag on my back.”

Well, not quite. However, my younger sister has taken a liking to sword-fighting. Since my older sibling is in college, we can ‘borrow’ her Shinai (practice sword) while she’s away. I own my own, so we go at it. She’s a quick learner.

To date, we’re scripting out sword duals for movies. Although basic, our current concoction is thusly contrived:

  1. Hero is attacked with an overhead slash (which he parries and then escapes).
  2. He scales a low platform (currently the slide).
  3. The villain slashes at the hero’s legs; thereupon the hero jumps over the villain’s sword.
  4. The sword of the villain misses and gets lodged in a tree.
  5. While the antagonist struggles with said weapon, the hero lands upright and stabs his enemy through the heart.

We’ve got it about half speed. Yes, I know it sounds brutal, but we couldn’t think of another way to end the dual. After we finish this one, we plan to do something on a slanted platform, like going up and down a tree or stairs. Anybody got any suggestions?

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