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Hello all. Another long delayed posting here.

Yes, what you’ve read is true. Henry died a little while ago. He crawled down off my wall and under my dresser, where his life departed. I don’t really care because I hate spiders and would have squashed him if he’d come out again, anyway.

The good news is out, then: cold weather has killed the bugs! Flashlight tag, German Spotlight, Capture the Flag, and that sort of hullabaloo is going to begin (Deo Volente) next Friday! Now, if only it would snow…

For all of you ASOUE afficionados out there, this book is for you. Getting it will be tricky, since everybody wants a copy. Our library doesn’t have any copies yet, either! I want one! I WANT ONE NOW! (me, tantrum? never…)

Anyway, you can check out the book at Lemony Snicket’s Main Site.

Theoretically, this post is also supposed to boost my blog ratings count.

No, I’m not going to turn this into a showcase for programs that I’ve written. I’m just totally excited!!! (excuse my teen-slang-lingo)

It’s been about three months since I’ve been able to work on KidzMail, a program that looks like a real email program but only allows messages the parents review to be received. It’s still a work in progress, though my little sister’s been using it ever since version 1 was released back in May.

Forgive me for posting a screenshot:

Free Image Hosting at
(And note that I’ve slurred through people’s names to protect the innocent…)

Everyone here is rapidly getting annoyed at me for showcasing its newest features and functionality; however, in my defense, it did take staying up until two AM last night to finish! (…)

This post could also feasibly pass for an excuse as to why I haven’t been posting very much recently.

Hello all. Sorry for the temporary decrease in general posting: work, school, play, and other non-related parephanelia all seem to sap my posting time away. However, in the near-future, I should be able to resume my normal posting schedule.

Before that can happen, I’m going to run a full system reload, which will mean a downtime of two or three days. After that, though, the blog should increase to its full potential once more.

One of the most misconstrued phrases in English is the mixing-up of subjective case ‘I’ with objective case ‘me’. We had a school-teacher at our church last night say, “The best thing for you and I to do…” Also, as our choir was practicing I Wonder as I Wander, I noticed that the third line of the first verse mentions something to the extend of “poor or’nry people like you and like I”. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Mom and Dad promised each of us children a dime every time we got it right until we learned. Unfortunately, we worked so hard at it that we learned it before getting paid any more than a dollar!

“Even when days are black,
To own only one sword
And a bag on my back.”

Well, not quite. However, my younger sister has taken a liking to sword-fighting. Since my older sibling is in college, we can ‘borrow’ her Shinai (practice sword) while she’s away. I own my own, so we go at it. She’s a quick learner.

To date, we’re scripting out sword duals for movies. Although basic, our current concoction is thusly contrived:

  1. Hero is attacked with an overhead slash (which he parries and then escapes).
  2. He scales a low platform (currently the slide).
  3. The villain slashes at the hero’s legs; thereupon the hero jumps over the villain’s sword.
  4. The sword of the villain misses and gets lodged in a tree.
  5. While the antagonist struggles with said weapon, the hero lands upright and stabs his enemy through the heart.

We’ve got it about half speed. Yes, I know it sounds brutal, but we couldn’t think of another way to end the dual. After we finish this one, we plan to do something on a slanted platform, like going up and down a tree or stairs. Anybody got any suggestions?

Instead of going to pieces updating the various blogs I maintain, I’ve decided to destroy most of them.

Supposedly, if the blogger includes lots of lists on his blog, it’s more interesting. Whether or not this is true, I don’t know. However, for you interest-scientists, here’s a list to keep you happy. It’s of the other blogs of mine… and by the time you read this post, they’ll all be gone!

These will be destroyed:

These will be spared destruction… for now:

  • Computer Fixup :: For all them ‘lectronic peoples (work in progress, as you can see)
  • ?????? :: Coming soon — to a theatre near you

There. Now all of you can go home.