White Knights – Missing

Saturday, September 24, 2005

This may sound like an odd question, but do any of you ever feel like the glory days are gone? I’m not meaning to come across here as a down-and-outer, because obviously this viewpoint it wrong: there are plenty of opportunities for someone to show their mettle.

That said, I get these urges to get out and rescue someone from a flaming dragon, or dive off a ship to rescue a drowning mate (pride of the King’s navy), or throw myself into the face of ballyhoo with reckless abandon, all for the greater good. Sadly, dragons aren’t real, nobody sails in our pond, and ballyhoo is only a placeholder.

Maybe I should stop listening to songs like the Morrowind Theme or Hero6’s Flight of the Tuatha (no, I haven’t played either game… I just like the music.)

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