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Y’mates may have noticed that there is now a clock on the mid-right portion of this page (if you have Macromedia Flash) .

It never occurred to me to ask which clock face you all preferred. They are on display here. If you like one better than the one I have here, just let me know.

(By the way, the dog has been banished to the ante chamber.)

However, the dog is tearing around the house barking like a broken foghorn, so I can’t think of anything. Maybe later tonight something will come.

This post will be outdated Thursday.

The Awana group at our church has deemed me Game Director for that night, in which I’m supposed to pick out games, direct the kids, explain things, jump up and down in excitement… you get the gist. They will give me power. Mwa ha ha.
Hmmmm… come to think of it, that night’s also Crazy Hair Night. This is going to be wild.

Anyway, do any of you know any good games that we should try?

…has been initiated. 326 days exist between myself and college. I wonder what, 327 days hence, I will be thinking.

Mental note to self: Post a blog comment then about what I’m thinking.

This may sound like an odd question, but do any of you ever feel like the glory days are gone? I’m not meaning to come across here as a down-and-outer, because obviously this viewpoint it wrong: there are plenty of opportunities for someone to show their mettle.

That said, I get these urges to get out and rescue someone from a flaming dragon, or dive off a ship to rescue a drowning mate (pride of the King’s navy), or throw myself into the face of ballyhoo with reckless abandon, all for the greater good. Sadly, dragons aren’t real, nobody sails in our pond, and ballyhoo is only a placeholder.

Maybe I should stop listening to songs like the Morrowind Theme or Hero6’s Flight of the Tuatha (no, I haven’t played either game… I just like the music.)

Everybody in the world has at least one thing unique (or almost unique) with them. Well, everybody except my sock-monkey-puppet, but that’s a different story altogether.

Mine–the uniqueness, not the monkey–was discovered a few days ago. It seems my teeth have moved in a way that is theoretically impossible. The two top orthodontists in the country are analyzing my skull for information. Of all the special, original things in the world that can happen to a person, and mine is related to teeth arches!?

Ah well… at least I don’t look like a sock-puppet.

I was thinking today about my growing-up years, and it hit me that this will be the last Christmas I spend growing up. All subsequent Christmases I will be an adult, and they may or may not be spent at home, depending on whether I marry and what the Lord has for me.

Departing from all that jazz, let me inform you, O Reader, that if you wish to ship something for Christmas, you want to do it now. We’re overloaded at UPS this time of year, because the smart people get their gifts out early and don’t have to worry or pay any fees for overnight shipping. Take it from a UPS employee: you will save money if you ship early.
*Ahem, don’t tell my boss. We don’t make much money on ground shipments.*

Whew. If last week happens again, three events will occur simultaneously:

  1. History will once again have repeated itself,
  2. Something fishy will be going on, because Labour Day comes only once a year, and
  3. I’ll need to grow some more arms.

Sorry about the healthy (healthy is a word which here means “large, long, or drawn out”) delay in posting. In apology, I’m posting three links which may brighten your day.

Link Number OneWin Vist :: A sneak-peak of what the next version of Microsoft Windows will look like.

Link Number TwoDark Bunny :: Not a new site, but one soon to be update. This covers the lesser known Leporids.

Link Number ThreeA Great Picture :: I won’t ruin this one by giving it away.

Have a great day!

Yeeehaaaww! I’ve been waiting for this major update for months!

Terragen is a program that allows graphic artists to generate photo-realistic scenery. It’s a little tough to use, but can make some great stuff. It can even upload real 3d data like what the mars rovers send back, and map that for you. Quite a nice program for the cost: free. Some examples of Terragen’s power (these have post-processing with The GIMP ):

  • Look Twice:

  • Maelstrom Studios:
    Free Image Hosting at