The Grass Is Greener

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We have some neighbours who really follow the maxim that a man’s home is his castle. They like shrubbery, so their lawn is almost completely eclipsed by bushes, shrubs, trees, and an enormous garden that spans the entire backyard. There are hidden lanes that maze backward through the lawn, hidden to all but those who know their location. Various insects and animals, particularly copperheads, also inhabit this man-made jungle. This picture was taken a few years back; by now, the place is completely overgrown.

Welllll… I got the opportunity to mow it yesterday. Okay, I was sort of coerced into it; needless to say, joy didn’t abundantly flow from myself. However, even though a machete would have been better than a push-mower, the job was quite fun. Except for when their gargantuine tomato plant monsters collapsed on me…

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