The Dirtiest Room Ever

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Have you ever watched a movie where the mom opens the kid’s closet and all of the stuff falls out on her? Well, that’s how I felt today.

My room has been calling for a major overhaul for some time now. I think my cleaning sensors are defective, because the overall messiness of it didn’t strike me until yesterday. Now, I’m having to pay for weeks of misuse; the fun part is going through old stuff, though I have to throw away or sell some of it. I don’t think I’ll miss that Mickey Mouse piano too much, though…

I guess my advice for all of you would be:

  1. Eat your vegetables,
  2. Don’t mix combustible liquids with compressed gas,
  3. Don’t add heat to the above, and
  4. Don’t go too long between cleaning your room!

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