A Grain Of Sand Can Tip The Scales

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Repulican guy at our church is running for the Morrisville Board of Commissioners, and he asked me to help out with his webpage. Now, all that I’m doing is adding a blog (blogs and me, well, we go together), but maybe a blog will win him the seat on the Board.

If he wins this, he’ll be able to run later for something bigger. And so on and so forth. Perhaps some day he will sit on the Supreme Court, or in the Senate. Perhaps this could happen because of the blog (doubtful; he’s got enough charisma to stun a wild ox and his IQ is tops, so a little blog probably won’t turn the tide). Regardless of what happens, I’ll get some coding experience and a posting on my resume, and he may win the race.

So, as a final plea, to anyone capable, Vote Murry!.

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