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… and disregard that banana thing earlier…

A Repulican guy at our church is running for the Morrisville Board of Commissioners, and he asked me to help out with his webpage. Now, all that I’m doing is adding a blog (blogs and me, well, we go together), but maybe a blog will win him the seat on the Board.

If he wins this, he’ll be able to run later for something bigger. And so on and so forth. Perhaps some day he will sit on the Supreme Court, or in the Senate. Perhaps this could happen because of the blog (doubtful; he’s got enough charisma to stun a wild ox and his IQ is tops, so a little blog probably won’t turn the tide). Regardless of what happens, I’ll get some coding experience and a posting on my resume, and he may win the race.

So, as a final plea, to anyone capable, Vote Murry!.

Yessiree, tomorrow is the official First Day Of School!

Either way, it’s going to happen as soon as the clock strikes 12:00 AM. I can’t hinder nor help the situation in any way. This year should be lighter than previous years… all I’m taking are Physics, Pre-Calc, English, and Literature. Maybe I’ll learn to hum while hanging upside-down on the jungle-gym, chewing gum and writing hieroglyphics on a home-plate. That could be a useful skill to have, if you think about it.

Here’s to a good school year! Cheers! (drinks apple-juice in one gulp)

Have you ever watched a movie where the mom opens the kid’s closet and all of the stuff falls out on her? Well, that’s how I felt today.

My room has been calling for a major overhaul for some time now. I think my cleaning sensors are defective, because the overall messiness of it didn’t strike me until yesterday. Now, I’m having to pay for weeks of misuse; the fun part is going through old stuff, though I have to throw away or sell some of it. I don’t think I’ll miss that Mickey Mouse piano too much, though…

I guess my advice for all of you would be:

  1. Eat your vegetables,
  2. Don’t mix combustible liquids with compressed gas,
  3. Don’t add heat to the above, and
  4. Don’t go too long between cleaning your room!

Hello all! Sorry for my two-day absence.

Apparently, someone in the neighbourhood doesn’t like us. We found some revent carvings on one of our back trees, essentially telling us to ‘get off’, whatever that means. As we have rampant gangs of teens (well, they come and go, now they’re pretty bad), we figure it was them.

Personally, I don’t mind about the trees. They can chop them all down, just as long as they stay away from my family!

Optical Illusion

This optical illusion is very annoying. You see, squares A and B are both the exact same colour. My eyes won’t believe it, though I know it’s true. Take a look:

Most infuriating, to be sure.

We have some neighbours who really follow the maxim that a man’s home is his castle. They like shrubbery, so their lawn is almost completely eclipsed by bushes, shrubs, trees, and an enormous garden that spans the entire backyard. There are hidden lanes that maze backward through the lawn, hidden to all but those who know their location. Various insects and animals, particularly copperheads, also inhabit this man-made jungle. This picture was taken a few years back; by now, the place is completely overgrown.

Welllll… I got the opportunity to mow it yesterday. Okay, I was sort of coerced into it; needless to say, joy didn’t abundantly flow from myself. However, even though a machete would have been better than a push-mower, the job was quite fun. Except for when their gargantuine tomato plant monsters collapsed on me…

With tenacity only depicted of caged animals, the champion fought not only for his rights, but for the world itself! The END
(I took the Dazzle Player back today… no fights or anything.)

Thus concludes my exciting story. Well, sort of. I actually traded the thing in for another, similar product, so there might be a sequel of equal adrenaline rush.

The brave adventurer rolled his few options around in his head quickly. Time was running out, and if he didn’t come up with a solution, the project would fail miserably.
(I’m the adventurer; my goal is to convert my tapes to DVDs before the quality is too low.)

And then, the answer hit him like a load of bricks. Agilely, our protagonist sprang into action, setting his plan into motion like no other could.
(Well, I thought I found the solution: Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90. From the features it boasted, I was sure it would meet all of my editing needs and more.)

The plan failed miserably and our hero was forced to live the rest of his life in a cave with only a few mushrooms for friends.
(Dazzle doesn’t dazzle. The video quality is poor and choppy… that is, when I can get it to show video at all. Recently, all the MCI video capture devices want to do is reboot my machine.)

Tune in next time to hear the exiting sequel: Daquell Fights With The Store Manager Trying To Return His Dazzle Player!