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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, now that I know that I have blog viewer(s), I can continue in the happiness that someone out there might be interested in my almost-daily life.

After working extensively on a new graphics project yesterday, I was called back into work today to design some pages for a medical company. I spent from one to seven pm manipulating lines, bezier curves, pixel coordinates, and perfectionist overseers. In the end, we had six proofs for the customer to review. Tomorrow morning will be spent designing more for them.

This morning I made a horrific discovery. Where we live, the weather is always very humid, the temperature is very hot, and the heat-index often soars over a hundred degrees. Despite the suffering from these desert-like days, everyone is happy to have an excuse to go to the neighbourhood swimming pool. We went this morning: Mom, little sisters 1, 2, and 3, and myself. There is was that I found to my sadness that I couldn’t swim more than one and a half laps underwater without taking another breath. This won’t do at all. In my defence, the pool was rather full of people today, so there were extra obstacles to go around; however, by the end of the summer I plan to be half-amphibian :) .

Last night I watched the movie The Incredibles for the first time. It had some amazing graphics, stunning voice-actors, and a few good parts, but to be quite honest, it left me with an odd, hopeless feeling. For one thing, it was quite violent to be considered a family movie. I’m not against violent films (hey, I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan), but when a movie says ‘Kid Friendly’, it ought to be ‘Kid Friendly’. Another annoyance was the lack of humour. Sure, it had some funny parts, but nothing that qualified it with Toy Story or Boundin’. Perhaps, though, the biggest element that destroyed the movie was the feeling of the inciting moment, that point where you knew that nothing could go back to what it was. Every good story must have one, I know, but in The Incredibles, it left me with a feeling of despair. Maybe it was too late at night.

That pretty much rounds up the past couple of days. Tonight after work I was able to eat five pancakes and a Gobstopperâ„¢. Now that I’m full, warm, and tired from last night’s late movie jaunt, I think I’ll get a little shut-eye.

Daily Quote: “Preparing for the worst is best. Preparing for the best is a worse preparation. However, no preparation at all leaves the worst unprepared and everyone else off-guard, at best.”

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