Tennessee Titan

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Tomorrow, I set off to the beloved land of TN, where I will eat cake. Yep, my aunt’s making a strawberry cake for us. I’ll be staying there for a week, so I might not get to update until next Sunday. That is going to be one long post, let me tell you.

These past few days I’ve worked like a madman at Economics. If anybody has any questions regarding a sole proprietorship, just send me a line! I’m up to my ears in that sort of hullabaloo. Fortunately, tonight I should finish.

Hopefully, though, I won’t stay up too late tonight. This has been a problem with me for four years now. I can’t seem to get enough time during the day to get many things done, so that gets shoved to the night. The next day, I can’t work because I’m too tired, and on and on it goes. Someday I’ll get this thing straight.

I’ve been eating cake as if my life depended on it. My sister made a chocolate one that was to die for which we consumed in mere minutes. Its cousin didn’t last much longer. We also had steak and Cap’n Crunch.

To end this madness of discombobulated paragraph frenzy, I’ll conclude with a quote:
“To a cheesecake, bliss is living. To a cheesecake eater, bliss is killing the cheesecake. To a non-cheesecake eater, there is no bliss.”

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