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Yes, I was gone yesterday.
I think I’ve found my true calling in life. For the first time, I played volleyball and actually enjoyed myself. All of my uncles and older cousins accepted me as part of the group (yeah, they were probably humouring me), and I didn’t break anything and made a few points! Ah, life is good.

Apart from stuffing myself with cake, cookies, cheesecake, pie, more cake, and other food, I ate basically nothing yesterday. We travelled north for three hours in the old van, ate and volleyed, and travelled south again… total travel time est. 9 hours. Needless to say, my vast number of sisters and I were all sick of sitting next to each other. We retired to bed in due time, and woke up to this glorious day.

Today, I didn’t get to stuff myself. Actually, I spilled half of my cereal this morning, narrowly missing my nice Sunday pants. Before church, I had a few revelations on the mysteries of .NET (geek stuff), and after I listened to medieval music, and dreamed of Arizona. Then, I came up here and typed this. All in all, a quite relaxing day.

Tomorrow looks to be even better. Of course, I’ll have to tell you about it then, but for now, I see a bright horizon: sleeping in, programming fun, no work (UPS shuts down July 4), and more.

Until then, you’ll just have to wait.

My quote for today is: “A stopped digital watch isn’t even right once a day.”

This is Daquell, saying good night!