Monday, July 4, 2005

Greetings, noble viewers.

Today, I share with you the tragic tale of the programmer. Major breakthroughs occurred in the wee hours of yesterday morning, and I was elated. Certain parts of my program that I had given up on were coming through. I had finished programming them when I noticed a small piece that needed to be added. Sadly, that one tiny piece disrupted the whole shebang, and I’m having to start over again.

Despite that, this Independence Day has been great! Pancakes, hamburgers, fireworks, mosquito bites… you name it, I’ve had it today. I got to sleep in, ignore school, work on the lawn, clean my room, program (grrrrr!), and tonight, I get to go to bed at a reasonable time. What a great country that allows such freedom!

I anticipate a nightmare tonight– one of evil CRT screens staring blankly at me, full of errors that must be corrected. If I awake troubled tomorrow, forgive me. It’s been a fun, tiring, and trying day.

Quote for today: “May God continue to bless America!”

10-4 ; Daquell Out.

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