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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yessir, that’s right. I can see your house. Last night I downloaded the free Google Earth, a simple but powerful program that can view satellite images of anywhere in the world. Now, I’m not working for Google or anything, but for anyone who has any interest in this sort of thing, this program is definitely worth your time. It’s features overwhelmed me:

  • It can give directions, and
  • It can fly along the direction path, indicating important turns and locations along the way.
  • The world is almost 3D, allowing you to enter the Grand Canyon or fly amongst the buildings of Manhattan.
  • The program comes with a complete listing of roads, locations, history, hotels, restaurants, and just about anything that could possibly be labeled on the earth.
  • You absolutely can’t beat the price: free!

I wasted a great deal of time just flying around the earth… that is to say, I invested a great deal of time learning geography. Either way you look at it, I give Google Earth two thumbs up.

Yesterday, you may have found me strangely absent from 3 to 11 pm. This was because several families got together and volunteered at the KidzExchange, a place full of used toys, books, clothing, and furniture for children. We did many different things: carting large pieces of equipment, helping customers, cleaning up, and most importantly, counting items. One lady had exactly 179 items in her shopping cart, quite a boatload to fit into one car. We came home tired but happy, and I ate lots of food ranging from macaroni to fried turkey ‘n cheese.

The only other occurrence worth mentioning today was that my boss from UPS called and said in a nutshell that all the graphics jobs we were working on were done and had all turned out great. This was a major brouhaha for me; some of our customers are extremely picky about the work we do for them. Whew… now I can breathe for a few days.

That’s all for today! More coming, though I might warn you that next week I may not have access to a computer.

The quote for today: “As you sail the stream of life, be sure to stop and eat the pastrami along the way.”

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