Chartographer Unmasked

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hello all my fans! Uh, I mean friends… Well, at least viewers.
Hey, even if you’re an enemy, let me tell you what happened today.

Since this is my last day in TN, I decided to make a map. I drew the thing out in great detail (even if I must say so myself), and scanned it into the computer. The scanner was under par, to say the least. For two hours I edited that map in MSPaint, and now, I think there exists a viable piece of map on my hard-drive.

We didn’t do much else today except sleep and eat. Oh, and we talked about nothing in particular. We did find a really cool website for Role Players, though (NOTE: The following link may not express the views of Daquell) at . We’ve been role playing (read, spamming) the forums there all day.

Sadly, I must take my leave tonight. (yawn) I’m tired, but the night is young and my friend and I will probably stay up until past three AM. Until tomorrow, or whenever my fingers feel the yearning to bore you with my day, this is Daquell saying “Good Night”.

Daily quote: “People don’t think much of you or me. They don’t think much at all anyway.” Whatever that means :)

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