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Greetings, all.

Today has been a very filled day: sightseeing in the morning, piano-playing in the afternoon, spaghetti at night. Apart from recuperating from the long drive up here, we’ve managed just fine. The facility we’re staying in is magnificent, a tall building fully equipped with kitchens, sleeping quarters, and computer access.

This morning, I went for the first time to Grand Central Station and rode the metro there. We went to a Chinese restaurant directly and picked up some rice and chicken, which brings me to my next topic for today… the food. On this trip thus far, they’ve filled me with more food than I could normally consume:

  • Two foot-long subs, of varying contents including pepperoni
  • A genuine Philly Cheesesteak, complete with mushrooms
  • Blueberry bagels and cream cheese
  • A full bag of Gummi Bears of which 3/4 were red

This afternoon, we ministered on the hub, an incredibly busy streetway, handing out tracts, singing, and playing on a great 64-key piano provided by our hosts. We returned to the lodge packed tight as sardines in a fifteen passenger van… all seventeen of us. The group was weary but happy at what God is doing for us.

Well, I think I’ve wasted enough bandwidth for today. More tomorrow if time permits.

The quote for today: “Unless you’re in Philly, it’s not a true cheesesteak.”

Yessir, that’s right. I can see your house. Last night I downloaded the free Google Earth, a simple but powerful program that can view satellite images of anywhere in the world. Now, I’m not working for Google or anything, but for anyone who has any interest in this sort of thing, this program is definitely worth your time. It’s features overwhelmed me:

  • It can give directions, and
  • It can fly along the direction path, indicating important turns and locations along the way.
  • The world is almost 3D, allowing you to enter the Grand Canyon or fly amongst the buildings of Manhattan.
  • The program comes with a complete listing of roads, locations, history, hotels, restaurants, and just about anything that could possibly be labeled on the earth.
  • You absolutely can’t beat the price: free!

I wasted a great deal of time just flying around the earth… that is to say, I invested a great deal of time learning geography. Either way you look at it, I give Google Earth two thumbs up.

Yesterday, you may have found me strangely absent from 3 to 11 pm. This was because several families got together and volunteered at the KidzExchange, a place full of used toys, books, clothing, and furniture for children. We did many different things: carting large pieces of equipment, helping customers, cleaning up, and most importantly, counting items. One lady had exactly 179 items in her shopping cart, quite a boatload to fit into one car. We came home tired but happy, and I ate lots of food ranging from macaroni to fried turkey ‘n cheese.

The only other occurrence worth mentioning today was that my boss from UPS called and said in a nutshell that all the graphics jobs we were working on were done and had all turned out great. This was a major brouhaha for me; some of our customers are extremely picky about the work we do for them. Whew… now I can breathe for a few days.

That’s all for today! More coming, though I might warn you that next week I may not have access to a computer.

The quote for today: “As you sail the stream of life, be sure to stop and eat the pastrami along the way.”

Well, now that I know that I have blog viewer(s), I can continue in the happiness that someone out there might be interested in my almost-daily life.

After working extensively on a new graphics project yesterday, I was called back into work today to design some pages for a medical company. I spent from one to seven pm manipulating lines, bezier curves, pixel coordinates, and perfectionist overseers. In the end, we had six proofs for the customer to review. Tomorrow morning will be spent designing more for them.

This morning I made a horrific discovery. Where we live, the weather is always very humid, the temperature is very hot, and the heat-index often soars over a hundred degrees. Despite the suffering from these desert-like days, everyone is happy to have an excuse to go to the neighbourhood swimming pool. We went this morning: Mom, little sisters 1, 2, and 3, and myself. There is was that I found to my sadness that I couldn’t swim more than one and a half laps underwater without taking another breath. This won’t do at all. In my defence, the pool was rather full of people today, so there were extra obstacles to go around; however, by the end of the summer I plan to be half-amphibian :) .

Last night I watched the movie The Incredibles for the first time. It had some amazing graphics, stunning voice-actors, and a few good parts, but to be quite honest, it left me with an odd, hopeless feeling. For one thing, it was quite violent to be considered a family movie. I’m not against violent films (hey, I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan), but when a movie says ‘Kid Friendly’, it ought to be ‘Kid Friendly’. Another annoyance was the lack of humour. Sure, it had some funny parts, but nothing that qualified it with Toy Story or Boundin’. Perhaps, though, the biggest element that destroyed the movie was the feeling of the inciting moment, that point where you knew that nothing could go back to what it was. Every good story must have one, I know, but in The Incredibles, it left me with a feeling of despair. Maybe it was too late at night.

That pretty much rounds up the past couple of days. Tonight after work I was able to eat five pancakes and a Gobstopperâ„¢. Now that I’m full, warm, and tired from last night’s late movie jaunt, I think I’ll get a little shut-eye.

Daily Quote: “Preparing for the worst is best. Preparing for the best is a worse preparation. However, no preparation at all leaves the worst unprepared and everyone else off-guard, at best.”

Hello all! This post was created for the sole purpose of finding out who ‘All’ constituates. Is there anybody out there? We’re not talking SETI here… we’re talking my blog. I’m curious to know whether or not there are any readers.

PS If you’re not a reader, then you won’t see this, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings.

PPS Daily quote: “Those who say Pi is better that pie obviously don’t go for subjective value. What if they were starving in the jungle, for crying out loud!?”

Well, today’s post is going to be extremely short. I’ve been on the computer for a long time today and I must go outside and refresh my aching eyes. However, I will give you all a treat (ha ha) by showing you that map I spent so much time on. It makes a great dartboard.

Free Image Hosting at

If you want to view the sucker full size, just click on the image above.

Today’s quote is from the trip. I said it about two AM when my character in the computer game we were playing couldn’t reach an elevator switch in time. My friend and I were so tired and giddy that we laughed for fifteen minutes over this short but meaningful statement:
“I can’t. I can’t reach the switch. I’m dead.”

Hello all my fans! Uh, I mean friends… Well, at least viewers.
Hey, even if you’re an enemy, let me tell you what happened today.

Since this is my last day in TN, I decided to make a map. I drew the thing out in great detail (even if I must say so myself), and scanned it into the computer. The scanner was under par, to say the least. For two hours I edited that map in MSPaint, and now, I think there exists a viable piece of map on my hard-drive.

We didn’t do much else today except sleep and eat. Oh, and we talked about nothing in particular. We did find a really cool website for Role Players, though (NOTE: The following link may not express the views of Daquell) at . We’ve been role playing (read, spamming) the forums there all day.

Sadly, I must take my leave tonight. (yawn) I’m tired, but the night is young and my friend and I will probably stay up until past three AM. Until tomorrow, or whenever my fingers feel the yearning to bore you with my day, this is Daquell saying “Good Night”.

Daily quote: “People don’t think much of you or me. They don’t think much at all anyway.” Whatever that means :)

Greetings all. These past few nights, my friend and I have been designing video games, designing pen-and-paper games, and playing games. We also ate many, many items of food, and consumed much water.

Last night, we had another friend over to play a three-way networked game. Unfortunately, one of the computer was running mean old legacy Windows 98, not a good choice for networking. To set it up, we needed the 98 setup disks, which weren’t immediately available. Therefore, we geeks decided to wipe the computer and install Windows NT Service Pack 5. It would have been a piece of cake, but we needed a bootable floppy with CD support. We tried every solution under the sun, except for downloading a boot disk (my friend’s dad doesn’t like us downloading stuff). After two or so hours, we gave up and ate some pepperoni.

Ah, let’s see, what else. It’s rained alot here the past few days, a recurring theme for my summer visits to TN. However, we don’t mind playing in the rain, so it doesn’t seem to matter. Hurricane Dennis, you can’t stop us! Mwa ha ha!

That’s all for today. If you need any help, just drop me a line.
Quote for today: “If you wish to find power, first you must learn the way to eat cookies.”

Well, I haven’t updated the blog because I haven’t had access to the internet until now.

The past few days have been fraught with insects, bugs, and creatures of all kinds. However, my cousin showed me the coolest device. It looks like a tennis racquet, but it’s actually a zapper. One presses a button to activate it, and then POP! The bug dies immediately.

Another interesting insect endeavour was this red ant. I’ll call her Sue. Sue had this watermelon seed that was twice her size, and she dragged it down a ninety-degree wall. After pulling the thing for about two thirty yards (about twenty minutes), she made it. It was fascinating watching her lose the trail, drop the seed, find the trail, and track back to grab to the seed. She finally made it to her nesting ground, but whether or not it fitted into the hole, I couldn’t say.

Last night I was up until 2 AM on the computer, so now I’ve got to go do something else. Until next time, Daquell out.

Daily Quote:
“Even if the Gummy Bears are soft, they still taste good.”

Tomorrow, I set off to the beloved land of TN, where I will eat cake. Yep, my aunt’s making a strawberry cake for us. I’ll be staying there for a week, so I might not get to update until next Sunday. That is going to be one long post, let me tell you.

These past few days I’ve worked like a madman at Economics. If anybody has any questions regarding a sole proprietorship, just send me a line! I’m up to my ears in that sort of hullabaloo. Fortunately, tonight I should finish.

Hopefully, though, I won’t stay up too late tonight. This has been a problem with me for four years now. I can’t seem to get enough time during the day to get many things done, so that gets shoved to the night. The next day, I can’t work because I’m too tired, and on and on it goes. Someday I’ll get this thing straight.

I’ve been eating cake as if my life depended on it. My sister made a chocolate one that was to die for which we consumed in mere minutes. Its cousin didn’t last much longer. We also had steak and Cap’n Crunch.

To end this madness of discombobulated paragraph frenzy, I’ll conclude with a quote:
“To a cheesecake, bliss is living. To a cheesecake eater, bliss is killing the cheesecake. To a non-cheesecake eater, there is no bliss.”

Greetings, noble viewers.

Today, I share with you the tragic tale of the programmer. Major breakthroughs occurred in the wee hours of yesterday morning, and I was elated. Certain parts of my program that I had given up on were coming through. I had finished programming them when I noticed a small piece that needed to be added. Sadly, that one tiny piece disrupted the whole shebang, and I’m having to start over again.

Despite that, this Independence Day has been great! Pancakes, hamburgers, fireworks, mosquito bites… you name it, I’ve had it today. I got to sleep in, ignore school, work on the lawn, clean my room, program (grrrrr!), and tonight, I get to go to bed at a reasonable time. What a great country that allows such freedom!

I anticipate a nightmare tonight– one of evil CRT screens staring blankly at me, full of errors that must be corrected. If I awake troubled tomorrow, forgive me. It’s been a fun, tiring, and trying day.

Quote for today: “May God continue to bless America!”

10-4 ; Daquell Out.