Saturday, the Beginning

Saturday, June 25, 2005

For today… let me think.

After a brief interlude with my alarm-clock, I slept in until nine. Despite falling out of bed, I had just enough time to drag on yesterday’s clothes before breakfast. My sisters desperately needed help with a video-game, so your noble author took precious time out of his busy day to help them escape from Brazil in a flash of glory.

By lunchtime, I had showered, changed into new clothes, planned my day, and eaten a bowl of cereal. After lunch (consisting mainly of bread and apple), I mounted the stairs once more and tackled Literature, the 1600s. For those that like that sort of thing, I doff my hat and clap. For those who abhor it, welcome to the club. But hey, I’m alive, it’s done with for the day, and everything’s square.

My little sister and I role-played (not the dirty stuff) that I was Jim McNophen, famous explorer, and she was Sir Hunter, Owner of A Wolf, A German Shepherd, and A Golden-Retriever. We did this for about thirty minutes, until a neighbor came outside. Jim (me) was supposed to have a parrot, and I’m not about to stoop so low as to do a squeaky “Wrraaak! Polly wants a cracker!” in front of the near-folk. So we went inside.

Another sister is getting a car, so the house was in an uproar. I beat a hasty escape to my room, where I programmed and studied in reckless abandon. Dinner was roast chicken, well cooked, well enjoyed, and currently digesting. A few more hours of piano, TV, and car-talk followed.

It is around 11 pm here. A great day has passed, a bedtime is current, and church will be tomorrow. Don’t you just love Saturdays?

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