Interesting Arachnid

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hello and welcome back to my evidently every-two-day blog.
I can happily say that yesterday, I finished Literature! Now, on to Economics…

Whilst I was mowing the lawn this morning, I spotted a fascinating spider. Normally, I ignore or kill the ugly guys and continue, but this one really had me chuckling. It was about an inch around, orange, and every time I’d circle his tree, he’d come flying down off a leaf and stretch forth his legs as if to cast some spell at me. He never did get the point that I wasn’t about to hurt him.

Moving on with my day: plans. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve created yet another blog. Since I didn’t want to play hit-and-run with my spiritual typings on this blog, I created one solely for that purpose. Hopefully, it will feature a new devotional written by moi every day.

This morning I had toast with strawberry jam. For lunch, three-day-old spaghetti, cold. The much anticipated dinner will be biscuits, eggs, and fried meat! Mom is not the average cook.

… Time Passes …

Dinner was great. The meat was dipped in Soy sauce, fried to perfection.

My quote for today:
“Don’t be orange and rhyme with nothing.”

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