Have a smurfy day

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Can it be? Yes. I have been lazy and missed a day! However, I have a thousand excuses… all true, of course (cue the sad music):

  • I had a rough day at work, slaving over packages
  • A dragon attacked our county and ate the computer
  • My evil twin hacked into NASA and I got framed
  • My sister got her car, and I’ve been so envious that I moved to Alaska
  • Sinister aliens from beyond Sirius invaded my home (really)
  • Maybe, just maybe, I forgot…

So that was yesterday in a nutshell. I also was able to eat some fried chicken (brouhaha all the way).

Today is going much better, except for a little faux-paux this morning. You see, I have this oddity that if I stretch just so, my right leg begins to hurt like it’s been knifed. Fortunately, the harsh pain only lasts for a minute or so, quickly fading to a persistent but slight throbbing.

The family is getting a rabbit this summer, and this week we’ve been bouncing names around. Possible names are Mr. Whiskers, Hugo, and Hops. It will not be named Aurora. I cannot determine the rabbit’s species just yet, but it will probably be a fluffball angora.

In case anyone wonders, I work for a UPS franchise, and today has been full of graphic design. Seems that someone wants a logo about smurfs, and the job was delegated to yours truly. The past four hours have been saturated with intrepid Google searches, smurfified fan pages, and a delicious egg-sandwich concocted by Mom. I should know by tomorrow whether or not the logo was smurfy enough for the consumer’s delights. This project has not been very healthy for me; I’ve started acting, well, smurfified.

Let’s see if I can smurf up anything smurfiliciously interesting. Oh, yes. You know the smurfy car I mentioned up top? It’s got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever smurfed: it’s small, it’s red, and it’s got great gas mileage (we’re talking 38+ mpg). We’re hoping it also has the capacity to drive her the forty-odd miles to college and back every day for ten years.

Apart from cleaning my room, listening to old MIDIs, and running up and down the hall singing, that’s pretty much it for today. My off-the-wall quote?
“No matter how pretty, an onion’s an onion.”

Remember to tune in next time, same time, same channel. This is Sir daquell, bidding you all good evening and good night.

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