Goooood Night!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well, another happy and eventful day has come to a close.

After church today, I decided not to hit Literature until tonight. Most of the few hours between services was spent eating (a delicious soup), biking, and debating with a guy about the effect of .NET on the VB world (geeky stuff, pardon me).

Tonight, my best buddy from Tennessee called me, and we talked for an hour about programming and graphics issues. He and I are getting to spend two weeks together this summer! We have extensive plans on geeking out, planning life after college, and fun, fun, fun. (We only see each other about once a year, so bear with me, please).

Sorry for the shortness of the daily run-through. Tomorrow will be longer, I promise.
My meaningless daily advise for you?
“Seeing life from a Coca-Cola can is nice. Living it is more enjoyable.”

Ha ha ha! Until next time, good night.

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