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Hello and welcome back to my evidently every-two-day blog.
I can happily say that yesterday, I finished Literature! Now, on to Economics…

Whilst I was mowing the lawn this morning, I spotted a fascinating spider. Normally, I ignore or kill the ugly guys and continue, but this one really had me chuckling. It was about an inch around, orange, and every time I’d circle his tree, he’d come flying down off a leaf and stretch forth his legs as if to cast some spell at me. He never did get the point that I wasn’t about to hurt him.

Moving on with my day: plans. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve created yet another blog. Since I didn’t want to play hit-and-run with my spiritual typings on this blog, I created one solely for that purpose. Hopefully, it will feature a new devotional written by moi every day.

This morning I had toast with strawberry jam. For lunch, three-day-old spaghetti, cold. The much anticipated dinner will be biscuits, eggs, and fried meat! Mom is not the average cook.

… Time Passes …

Dinner was great. The meat was dipped in Soy sauce, fried to perfection.

My quote for today:
“Don’t be orange and rhyme with nothing.”

Can it be? Yes. I have been lazy and missed a day! However, I have a thousand excuses… all true, of course (cue the sad music):

  • I had a rough day at work, slaving over packages
  • A dragon attacked our county and ate the computer
  • My evil twin hacked into NASA and I got framed
  • My sister got her car, and I’ve been so envious that I moved to Alaska
  • Sinister aliens from beyond Sirius invaded my home (really)
  • Maybe, just maybe, I forgot…

So that was yesterday in a nutshell. I also was able to eat some fried chicken (brouhaha all the way).

Today is going much better, except for a little faux-paux this morning. You see, I have this oddity that if I stretch just so, my right leg begins to hurt like it’s been knifed. Fortunately, the harsh pain only lasts for a minute or so, quickly fading to a persistent but slight throbbing.

The family is getting a rabbit this summer, and this week we’ve been bouncing names around. Possible names are Mr. Whiskers, Hugo, and Hops. It will not be named Aurora. I cannot determine the rabbit’s species just yet, but it will probably be a fluffball angora.

In case anyone wonders, I work for a UPS franchise, and today has been full of graphic design. Seems that someone wants a logo about smurfs, and the job was delegated to yours truly. The past four hours have been saturated with intrepid Google searches, smurfified fan pages, and a delicious egg-sandwich concocted by Mom. I should know by tomorrow whether or not the logo was smurfy enough for the consumer’s delights. This project has not been very healthy for me; I’ve started acting, well, smurfified.

Let’s see if I can smurf up anything smurfiliciously interesting. Oh, yes. You know the smurfy car I mentioned up top? It’s got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever smurfed: it’s small, it’s red, and it’s got great gas mileage (we’re talking 38+ mpg). We’re hoping it also has the capacity to drive her the forty-odd miles to college and back every day for ten years.

Apart from cleaning my room, listening to old MIDIs, and running up and down the hall singing, that’s pretty much it for today. My off-the-wall quote?
“No matter how pretty, an onion’s an onion.”

Remember to tune in next time, same time, same channel. This is Sir daquell, bidding you all good evening and good night.

Well, another happy and eventful day has come to a close.

After church today, I decided not to hit Literature until tonight. Most of the few hours between services was spent eating (a delicious soup), biking, and debating with a guy about the effect of .NET on the VB world (geeky stuff, pardon me).

Tonight, my best buddy from Tennessee called me, and we talked for an hour about programming and graphics issues. He and I are getting to spend two weeks together this summer! We have extensive plans on geeking out, planning life after college, and fun, fun, fun. (We only see each other about once a year, so bear with me, please).

Sorry for the shortness of the daily run-through. Tomorrow will be longer, I promise.
My meaningless daily advise for you?
“Seeing life from a Coca-Cola can is nice. Living it is more enjoyable.”

Ha ha ha! Until next time, good night.

For today… let me think.

After a brief interlude with my alarm-clock, I slept in until nine. Despite falling out of bed, I had just enough time to drag on yesterday’s clothes before breakfast. My sisters desperately needed help with a video-game, so your noble author took precious time out of his busy day to help them escape from Brazil in a flash of glory.

By lunchtime, I had showered, changed into new clothes, planned my day, and eaten a bowl of cereal. After lunch (consisting mainly of bread and apple), I mounted the stairs once more and tackled Literature, the 1600s. For those that like that sort of thing, I doff my hat and clap. For those who abhor it, welcome to the club. But hey, I’m alive, it’s done with for the day, and everything’s square.

My little sister and I role-played (not the dirty stuff) that I was Jim McNophen, famous explorer, and she was Sir Hunter, Owner of A Wolf, A German Shepherd, and A Golden-Retriever. We did this for about thirty minutes, until a neighbor came outside. Jim (me) was supposed to have a parrot, and I’m not about to stoop so low as to do a squeaky “Wrraaak! Polly wants a cracker!” in front of the near-folk. So we went inside.

Another sister is getting a car, so the house was in an uproar. I beat a hasty escape to my room, where I programmed and studied in reckless abandon. Dinner was roast chicken, well cooked, well enjoyed, and currently digesting. A few more hours of piano, TV, and car-talk followed.

It is around 11 pm here. A great day has passed, a bedtime is current, and church will be tomorrow. Don’t you just love Saturdays?

Hello! This the first of hopefully many posts on this blog.
So you won’t feel completely in the dark, let me share a little about myself:

  1. I’m a saved-by-the-blood, believer of Jesus Christ, Christian. That doesn’t mean that this whole thing is one large tract, but it does mean that no profanity will ever be seen on this blog by my hand.
  2. Currently, I’m in highschool, a rising senior. While school has never been my fondest past-time, I hope to finish well and go to college.
  3. When I get to college, computer programming will be (Deo volente) my primary study.
  4. I like cheese, strawberry sorbet, chocolate cake, the common sandwich, soup, cherry cheesecake, any cheesecake, fettucinni Alfredo, roast turkey, lamb, deer, brussel-sprouts, banana puree, brownies, and broccoli.
  5. I DO NOT like celery, peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, fish, raw meat, or mystery-noodles.
  6. I like to eat.
  7. I have many sisters, a working dad, a wonderful-stay-at-home mom, a dog (Andy), and currently, a bug named Skippy (not expected to live long).